Irrigation automation
as it should be.

Affordable. Scalable. Engineered for complex tasks. 

Verdi reduces the cost of irrigation automation by up to 80% and enables growers to scale irrigation to the precision their crops need. 

Customize water & fertilizer for individual groups of plants.

We help you regain control over the way your crops grow, no matter what type of soil type, microclimate, or terrain they are on.

Increase crop yields

Concentrate water & fertilizer on plants with sparse vegetation.

Upgrade crop quality tier

Restrict water to increase stress on plants with excessive vegetation.

Prevent disease

Eliminate excessive moisture that causes powdery mildew & botrytis.

Combat drought

Conserve water supply by targeting irrigation to only highest-stress areas.

Swarms of tiny smart valves delivering precision that matches your needs.

Performance & reliability at scale, enabled by our proprietary technology.

Granular control from your phone

Use our mobile app to manage irrigation and fertigation at block and sub-block precision.

Painless retrofit

Verdi systems seamlessly clip onto your existing drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, with zero setup fees.

3rd-party data integrations

Track crop growth through daily-weekly NDVI at 3m resolution.
Connect your sensors to our platform for even more visibility.

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Sold out for 2021 in North America


Case Study

2 acre desert vineyard, Osoyoos, Canada


Revenue increase by raising grapes from budget to premium quality.

5 management zones

+15% water in lowest vigor zone.
-60% water in highest vigor zone.

Record early harvest

Reduced number of harvests required from 2 to 1.
All plants matured 3 weeks early.

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