We build tools to
climate-proof crops

The easiest way to manage variability
in climate, soil, and terrain.

Customize growing conditions for each plant.

Every plant requires a unique amount of water and fertilizer.

Maximize Quality & Control Yields

Restricting water to high yield areas maximizes fruit quality and reduces disease.

Reduce Labor & Expensive Fertilizers

Increase Revenue by Optimizing Quality and Yield.

Decrease Costs by Reducing Labour, Water, and Fertilizer.

Sustainable Use of Resources

Reduce Water and Limit the Use of Dangerous Fertilizers.

Why Verdi

We make plant level actions scalable over thousands of acres by removing management overhead.

Fully Automated

- AI Data Engine for Irrigation Prediction
- Fault Detection
- No Management

Simple to Install

- Each valve retrofits to existing drip system in minutes
- Entire vineyard in a day
- No tools required

Web App or Platform Integration

- Web App for Smartphone or Desktop
- API Endpoints

Our Technology

Data Science Platform

  • Application Layer: Predictive apps (ex. irrigation) that leverage data from multiple sources
  • Device Management Layer: Software that monitors & manages large numbers of devices for you

Micro Valve Hardware

  • Swarms of valves with error detection and in-field sensors
  • Industrial grade and completely wireless
  • Breaks up drip irrigation system into sub zones

Case Study

2 Acre Premium Malbec, Osoyoos, Canada

Up to 60 %

Water Saved per Plant

Saved water and pumping time. Starting 2021, save fertilizer too.

5 x

Irrigation Precision

Selectively irrigated according to localized crop stress, microclimate, and soil type. Eliminated variability from crop canopy for simpler management.

Early Harvest

Earliest on Record

The fruit was able to ripen earlier than previous years using fewer inputs.


We are working with top wineries, academics and investors.